Lesley Taylor

Contact Number: 804-622-3948
Contact Number: 804-402-4482
Email: SLT1144@gmail

When we meet you will notice a slight British accent that I brought from England when I moved to the United States in 1963. I did, however, return to England in 1976 and remained there for a few years.
I missed my new-found home and returned to the States in 1982. I am proud of my United States citizenship and enjoy the life I have established in my new country.

I began my real estate career in 1988 when my sixth child was starting school. This seemed like a natural progression since I had been managing an apartment complex in Chesterfield County. You would think with a total of seven children that my job as a stay home Mum would keep me busy. Not me, I am a service-oriented person and wanted to help people with their real estate needs. I found that I loved working with first time buyers as I could give them that special attention that you give to your children.

During this time, I also managed to return to college and obtained my bachelors’ degree. Traveling is a passion of mine and I particularly enjoy traveling this magnificent country.I also love American history so much that my youngest son once said, “Mum dragged me to every museum from here to California.”
Reading and 20th century art also attracts my attention.

Today great pleasure comes from helping people finds their dream homes and spending time with my 14 grandchildren. Yes, it all keeps me busy and I love every minute of it!