Sead Ramicevic

Contact Number: 804-205-8269

I was born in Bosnia, a war town conutry at the time. My parents, my brother, and I moved to the US in 1998. I’ve grown up in richmond pretty much my entire life. I graduate fro VCU with a degree in Criminal Justice. Serving others has always come pretty natural to me, I enjoy the feeling of being able to help others. I recently got married back in September to my lovely wife Sifeta. I like to think of myself as a very self-driven and motivated individual. I run my own photography business as well; SB Visuals. Photography has always been my passion, I enjoy the freedom and creativity I’m able to get from it. The freedom and endless possibilities is what I really drove me towards real estate, the sky really is the limit in this industry. My goal is to one day own many different real estate properties and investments all over the world.