Property Management

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Let us be your guide
To managing your property

You will no longer need to worry about the maintenance and headaches of property management. We take the worry out of your hands and let you feel comfortable knowing that we are taking care of your property.

Tenants will receive “fair business dealings,” however, it is our policy to Represent the Landlord in the lease transaction. Therefore, our actions and Decisions made will be in the best interest of our client, the Landlord.

We assist our Landlord by researching the best insurance companies, Warranty companies, and contractors to provide quality service.

Our landlords are always kept informed of the activities that affect their property. The communication line is always open and we use it often with our Landlords.

Our property management department stays on the cutting edge of real Estate and property management education by attending classes and reading Current laws and cases.

You can “Absolutely” expect the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

Our Valuable Property Management Services

Provide Qualified Tenants

  • credit checks
  • employment verification
  • rental history

Handle Maintenance and Emergency Issues

  • 24 hour answering service
  • trusted, licensed, qualified contractors
  • home warranty options
  • provide periodic inspections of the property to ensure
    the tenant is taking care of the property

Collection of Rents and Disbursement of Proceeds

  • collection of monthly rents
  • accurate accounting of money received and disbursed
    receipts and monthly reports for tax purposes
  • arrange for an attorney to handle court evictions and
    attend court on Landlord’s behalf
  • send require pay or quit notices
  • immediate notification of late rents to landlord
  • contact legal counsel for necessary eviction
  • assist attorney during the court process and attend on
    client’s behalf.
Carol Terhune

Office: 804-622-3928

when you say “property management” you immediately think of Carol. Her 15 plus years of experience managing single family, multi-family and commercial properties gives her the know how to handle all your property management needs. She actually loves the job, especially assisting landlords with their concerns and helping them earn a profitable rental income.

Carol is a proud Air Force Veteran having served her assignment in Texas and Germany. The experience the Air Force gave her only makes her more understanding about the need to get thinds done and the importance of details. She is a no-nonsese property manager that likes to have all eyes dotted and tees crossed. That’s what our landlords love about her and our tenants appreciate.

Having lived in many states across the country such as Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, Massachesetts, Arkansas and Arizona, she settled in her favorite state Virginia. She loves dogs and adores her two toy Australian shepherds, Chance and Tabu.

Carol is an outdoor person who enjoys camping and boating but don’t get in a trivia match with her as your change of winnin is slim to nil. Need a property manager? Carol is a winner!